The Next True Story Reading is Friday, May 15th!

Welcome back, True Story, welcome back.* True Story curator Kate Sweeney has been…well, she’s been busy (pssst–with her new book, for which there are still a number of reading dates if you haven’t caught her yet). She wishes she could clone herself, and it has been such fun, but… We’ve missed you, and hope to […]

Not dead. Only resting.

Hello, all! True Story is on a briefbrief sabbatical as curator Kate Sweeney battens the hatches and rides out the dust storm (o’ death) that is the publication of her first book, American Afterlife, from University of Georgia Press. (For sale at your local bookseller and on the Amazons.) The next True Story will be […]

“This couldn’t be good.” True Story Preview: Austin L. Ray

Austin L. RAY wrote a story about Pearl Jam that made our hearts burst. He wrote a story about a beer crawl that made us laugh out loud. (“Yes, ma’am, people do sometimes tell me I look like that guy in The Hangover.”) And on Friday’s True Story, he’s reading a piece that may make us do […]

“I was suddenly aware that we were a group of women traveling alone in a foreign land.” True Story Preview: Suzanne Van Atten

As an editor, Suzanne VAN ATTEN has a brilliant eye for what an essay draft is saying, what it’s trying to say, and the best route from point A to point B. (Take it from one who knows.) This is one reason it’s so satisfying to hear the work the Atlanta Journal-Constitution features editor and […]

“Then the phone rang again.” True Story Preview: David Harris-Gershon

Booklist calls David HARRIS-GERSHON’s new memoir “[a] transformative reading experience,” and we agree.  The man also knows how to rock a stage. Come see David at this Friday’s True Story; meanwhile, here’s an excerpt. From What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist who Tried to Kill Your Wife? When the phone rang in our Jerusalem […]

Three Questions for David Harris-Gershon

David Harris-Gershon is a blogger for Tikkun magazine, a GrandSLAM storytelling winner for the Moth, and a day school teacher. Ahead of his December 6th appearance at True Story, we decided to ask him three questions about his critically-acclaimed memoir What Do You Buy the Children of the Terrorist Who Tried to Kill Your Wife? The book is […]

True Story #23 is Friday, Dec. 6th!

We’ve been working for some time to bring David HARRIS-GERSHON to Atlanta for True Story, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally happening. This will be an amazing night. David will be joined by local greats Suzanne VAN ATTEN and Austin L. RAY. This is one you won’t want to miss. See you, Friday, Dec. 6th; 8:00 […]

“And we were all stylish.” True Story Preview: Lauren Shields

Recently, Lauren Shields did a little experiment. For nine months, the twenty-something seminary student stopped wearing make-up,  donned loose clothing ,and covered her hair,  knees and shoulders whenever in public. She wrote all about the experience, and at True Story this Friday, she’s gonna read about it.  It’s a fascinating tale about fashion, vanity, and […]

“We lived this searing joy” True Story Preview: Gina Rickicki

Gina Rickicki is our favorite kind of whirlwind. A  whirlwind of brains and guts and love and thunder. Is there such a thing? No, there is not. But there is Gina Rickicki. You probably remember the first time you saw her read or act, at Dad’s Garage,  Carapace, Naked City, Write Club…or at True Story this […]

“Today I will be king.” True Story Preview: Ira Sukrungruang

It is a hard task to pick just a few paragraphs of Ira Sukrungruang’s work to excerpt, an endless delusion of “just one more paragraph” that ends  when you next look up, 45 minutes lost to pages of his absorbing, wry, poignant and beautifully-written story. You just want to foist his whole book, Talk Thai: […]