“I had to save the damn cow.” True Story Preview: Tricia Stearns

C’mon. Some things can’t be taught. I mean, let’s be honest. [This is coming from someone who was once a hapless 18-year-old who spent months stalling scenes and Um, no-ing (instead of Yes, and-ing) her way through a Comedy Sportz improv class, failing even at feigning surprise the night of The Big Show (a.k.a. Audition Night) when she was told, "I'm […]

“I love my dog but I am not his mother.” True Story Preview: Rachael Maddux

Sometimes, instead of posting a photo of your reader, you instead really, really want to post a photograph of a man and his cheetah. You want to say this mainly because this is the story with which Rachael Maddux last burned up the True Story stage in October 2013. (Hear that here on this episode […]

“I certainly have my own irrational anxieties.” True Story Preview: Jack Walsh

Jack Walsh gets the essence of the spirit behind the personal-artifact-based-tale. Take “Teddy’s Dreams,” the first story Jack told on the True Story back in 2011, for which he then supplied the illustrated tale on our old website. (Seriously, thank you, mom and dad of Jack Walsh for recognizing the pure gold in the page narrated “Teddy is […]

True Story #26 is Friday, July 25th!

Come enjoy three amazing True Tale Tellers  in cool, air-conditioned comfort at True Story #26! Friday, July 25th, 8:00 pm at Kavarna. Our Readers This Truly Great Eve’-! Rachael MADDUX is a writer and editor living in Decatur, Ga. Her essays, features and reviews have appeared in The Oxford American, Slate, The Paris Review Daily, and […]

“Take a moment to imagine life in a tree.” True Story Preview: Jamie Allen

A wise professor-type once told us that writing is about getting obsessed with something and letting it take over your life completely for a while. We find an admirable adherent of this model in Jamie Allen. It started out with a short story he was working on a couple of years ago, told from the point […]

True Story Preview: Jayne O’Connor

Inevitable fact: Every single event in Atlanta’s grassroots lit scene will sooner or later see Jayne O’Connor’s name on it. We first saw her at Carapace, or maybe it was Write Club Atlanta, or perhaps one of the HydeAtl events she herself helped found and coordinate. We’re honestly not sure; what we do know is: […]

“Before New Mexico was called New Mexico, it was just called Mexico.” True Story Preview: Andisheh Nouraee

The New York Times calls Andisheh Nouraee‘s book Americapedia: Taking the Dumb Out of Freedom “Jon Stewart’s ‘America’ for the Y.A. set,” which just warms our cockles, because Andisheh’s “Don’t Panic” column in Creative Loafing made him our favorite local political satirist for years, as he skewered dirty dealing and ignorance with a sensibility that betrayed […]

True Story—WITH A VENGEANCE—is Friday, June 20th

Join us Friday, June 20th, 8:00 pm at Kavarna, when we will make up THE LOST TRUE STORY, originally scheduled for June of last year, and tragically cancelled due to a mysterious stormy power outage. Our readers three-! Jamie ALLEN Jamie’s fiction, nonfiction and humor have been published in outlets including Oxford American, Grantland, The […]

“its back-lit sign gleaming fluorescent lavender in the Albuquerque night” True Story Preview: Steve LaBate

In 2010, Steve LaBate and his friend Scott Sloan did the kind of thing that you and I only dream about. (Okay, well, I do; I don’t know about you, but c’mon.). They took a roadtrip with a mission: To see 40 concerts in 40 consecutive nights.  They’re chronicling that experience in a film and a book, both […]

“They acted like nothing was happening while your knees wobbled back and forth.” True Story Preview: Alison Harney

Alison Harney’s poetry is warm like your skin out a car window in summertime. It’s suffused with tastes, smells  and moments so ripe that it’s like biting into fresh summer fruit again and again and again. Her prose shares that sensory kapow, that warm depiction of life and living so fresh that when it’s funny, it’s […]