“Almost everything I know about Nigerian food is seated in memory. ” True Story Preview: Osayi Endolyn

When Osayi Endolyn gets close to a deadline, she told us she stress-bakes.* Reading a piece she recently wrote for Atlanta Magazine, with its  crave-inspiring descriptions of the Nigerian cuisine she grew up eating makes you realize, if you didn’t already: this is a writer who knows her food—and also who understands, deeply, the connections between the […]

“Once OutKast took the stage, though, Andre tried hard not to act as sentimental.” True Story Preview: Christina Lee

Christina Lee’s writing makes you feel like you’re in the same room with Killer Mike. Or Andre 3000. Or Lupe Fiasco. Or, you know, whomever–what we’re trying to say here is that she never lets the persona of the narrator get in the way of her astute depictions of the hip-hop stars she writes about. Then again, […]

“We are in dangerous, embarrassing territory this minute.” True Story Preview: Terra Elan McVoy

A confession: We wanted to invite Terra Elan McVoy to participate in True Story for a loooong time. But, we thought: She writes fiction! More accurately, she writers fiction about the lives of teenagers that rings so true to our own experience and memories of what it was really like being teenagers ourselves, that we wish, […]

True Story #28: Friday, November 14th!

Greetings, dear friend. As this November nears, we find ourselves getting a bit misty. Do you realize we’ve been doing this together for five years now? That’s something to celebrate! We look forward to seeing you at Kavarna on November 14th to do so. Oh, and did we mention we have an amazing trio of […]

“I went to the Lemonheads concert anyway.” True Story Preview: Bobbin Wages

Bobbin Wages’s writing at Hot Dog Beehonkus is hilarious and wrenching, often in the space of a single paragraph. She started the blog after her father was diagnosed with Alzheimers, but since its inception in 2012, it has developed from a simple chronicle of loss into the compelling story of the sometimes comic, sometimes difficult ordinary moments that […]

“Wailing cheerfully on a 45, loud enough to wake the dead” True Story Preview: Louise McKinney

Louise McKinney hails originally from Toronto and now resides in Atlanta where she’s nonfiction editor of The Chattahoochee Review, but she hopes one day to return to her spiritual home, The Big Easy, where she’ll “write poems, shuffle mornings out to get..cafe au lait at Cafe de Monde and listen to jazz riffs wafting down Esplanade Street.” […]

“We keep our talons up and our coronas flared, not to die, but to live.” True Story Preview: Christopher Bundy

Earlier this year, Paste magazine named Christopher Bundy one of ten Georgia authors you should read right now, noting how his writing “straddles lines just to show you how they hardly exist in the first place.” Friday night at is your chance, friends, as Chris takes the stage at True Story. Meantime, here is an excerpt […]

True Story #27: Friday, September 19th!

It’s here! Friday, September 19th 8:00 pm. Kavarna. Your rogue writers who will be sharing true tales and sharing  actual artifacts are… Christopher BUNDY is a writer and professor of writing and literature at SCAD-Atlanta. He is the author of the novel Baby, You’re a Rich Man. His fiction, essays, and reviews have appeared in Glimmer Train, Atlanta Magazine, […]

“I had to save the damn cow.” True Story Preview: Tricia Stearns

C’mon. Some things can’t be taught. I mean, let’s be honest. [This is coming from someone who was once a hapless 18-year-old who spent months stalling scenes and Um, no-ing (instead of Yes, and-ing) her way through a Comedy Sportz improv class, failing even at feigning surprise the night of The Big Show (a.k.a. Audition Night) when she was told, “I’m […]

“I love my dog but I am not his mother.” True Story Preview: Rachael Maddux

Sometimes, instead of posting a photo of your reader, you instead really, really want to post a photograph of a man and his cheetah. You want to say this mainly because this is the story with which Rachael Maddux last burned up the True Story stage in October 2013. (Hear that here on this episode […]